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Lovely Lashes -

Eyelash Extensions salon London

Lovely Lashes is one of the top Eyelash Extensions salon in London based on Oxford Street. Our qualified lash stylists, have individual approach to each woman and to highlight the unique beauty they will pick the lash form that suit you best! The chosen non-allergic and long – lasting products are exclusively of a high class, because we focus on quality and best results.


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Our Eyelash Extensions salon is conveniently located in Central London
W1D 2LF, Jubilee House, 197-213 Oxford Street.

The Eyelash Extensions procedures Lovely Lashes offering you:

Classic full set
Duration: 1h 30m
Classic half set
Duration: 1h
Hybrid full set
Duration: 1h 30m
Hybrid Half set
Duration: 1h
Russian volume full set
Duration: 1h 30m
Russian volume half set
Duration: 1h
Classic infill 3 weeks
Duration: 1h
Classic infill 2 weeks
Duration: 40m
Hybrid infill 3 weeks
Duration: 1h 15m
Hybrid infill 2 weeks
Duration: 1h
Russian volume infill 3 weeks
Duration: 1h 15m
Russian volume infill 2 weeks
Duration: 1h

Why choose
Lovely Lashes

Various eyelash extensions execution techniques, fast application time, highest quality materials- all these are the foundation of Lovely Lashes experts’ work. A good understanding of clients’ wishes about the desired look is what distinguishes a proficient specialist from an amateur. Having high experience, we learned how to synthesize the professional knowledge with the client’s wishes so that all are satisfied with the painstaking work done.


Also, we are confident in what thickness, curvature and length of eyelash extensions to apply in each case and use various types for different eye line and face form. Eye modeling with eyelashes and correction of facial imperfections is what we tend to do.

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``Lovely experience at Lovely Lashes 🙂 The therapist is very friendly and knowledgeable. The eyelash extensions kept on very well. I have quite sensitive eyes didn’t feel any irritation at all with the extension, which was a great surprise. Excellent service. Already booked to go back again.``
Flora Yu
``Recently, I made lashes 2D with the Kylie effect, it turned out as I wanted thanks for masters (girls). A few days have passed, everything is fine! Do not pull, do not fall out, look great. I am just thrilled, thank you very much, girlzzzzzzz``
Aida Bazarbai
``The service is so amazing , the girl are so lovely who does my lashes request for her and you won't go wrong recommend getting your lashes done at Lovely Lashes. ``
Cristina Leca
``Loved my lashes. Went for the classics.. Described what I wanted in terms of volume, length and curl and asked for her advice.. The result was a look I hoped for.``
Elaine J
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